Our Lemon & Lavender Fragrance will be immediately noticeable.  It's perfect for the kitchen or bedroom to help alleviate cooking odors and every day stress.  Lemon is refreshing while Lavender is soothing.  It's a 2-1 punch.

All our candles come with Crackle Wicks, which means you can enjoy their Crackle & Pop when lit along with their beautiful fragrance.  What could be better whilst reading a lovely book on a quiet evening than the lulling crackle of your  beautifully scented candle? 

One candle can fill up a 2,500 sq space with the soft, soothing warmth of  Lavender & Lemon!  

Each candle is Hand Poured right here in the Sweet, Sassy, South in Conyers, Ga



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